Dictated by the Plain Writing Act of 2010

All language must be “clear, concise, well-organized”

With the goal of “minimizing uncertainty”


Plain language is the language of the plain

Desert imperialists chiseling symbols in ancient stone

Using the tongue to make level,

Speak destruction into existence,

tame the wild,

domesticate, dominate,

level the cedars of Lebanon,

lay bricks,

lay bare,

flatten mountains,

pave lanes,

make crooked paths straight.


What follows is a straight-laced morality

and linear teleology,

steamrolling their way into the future,

via the straight and narrow way.

Protestantism, Calvinism, Mohammedism, capitalism, Communism.

Austere religions.

Hard pews, printed bulletins,

everyone facing the same direction.

No diversity, no flowering.

Only the straight, black robes of the priests and

the gray, neatly-pressed shirts of totalitarian dictators.

Wealth and progress abound,

but flourishing, flora?  No. Just austerity.

Just the facts.  Just right or wrong.

Always leveling, always making plain.


Imperial empiricism.

Bare-bones science.

Knowledge without wisdom.

Dumbing down to the

lowest common denominator.

Reduce your fractions, children!


A new generation of punk rockers and hippies

pretends to rise from the plains,

with their own cool language.

They, too, become cold and frigid.

Growing old,

working as soulless bean counters,

Measuring grain in the silos,

paying taxes,

funding ever more leveling.

Managing slave laborers,

unskilled laborers chained to the land,

who give their dead-level best.


We are all languishing in the plain.

Death by words.

“Let there be” created and destroyed in a single breath.

Plain language is the language of the plain.

They passed a law to confirm what we already knew.


About Feral Jesus

Disciple of the undomesticated, liberating feral Jesus