Voting: stroking the state’s lever

Voting booth

One day as voters were queued outside a polling station, the sauntering cynic Feral Jesus stepped out from the fencerow and appeared from among the clutter of political signs and said unto them:

The voting booth is the final enclosure.  The voter leaves his family or his organic band and willfully gives himself over to the brainwashed, hedonistic, violent, masses.  In voting, he affirms the state’s right to dispossess him of his ability to move freely, to saunter, to climb fences, to be free.

In that brief moment behind the curtain, with the pull of the lever, the voter perpetuates the horrors of the democratic state.  She affirms her commitment to enclosure, war, destruction, conquest, inequality, rape and pillage.  To vote is to condemn oneself, the earth and all its creatures to death at the hands of the state.

Did you not hear the scaffold floor give way beneath the voter in front of you?  Look at him dangle, lifeless, another pitiful martyr, who, by his own death, justifies and gives legitimacy to the desolation wrought in the name of democracy.

Turn back!  Go home into your closet and pull your own  lever.  It is more profitable for a man to pull his own lever in private, than to stroke the lever of the state in public.  At least the one yields a pleasurable result!

All those gathered were outraged and gathered stones to kill him.  At that same time the polling station warden was offering to those in line free coffee and free cable TV for the first two months. Distracted, the crowd did not notice Feral Jesus slip away into the fencerow.



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Disciple of the undomesticated, liberating feral Jesus


  1. I’ve been really disappointed recently to learn that the blogger and commenters on one of my fav anti-civ blogs actually are taking sides in this election. THIS election, of all elections. And passionately at that. These are people who know better than to grant legitimacy–even if they don’t cast ballots–to this illegitimate process by “voting with their words”. Disappointed in my self too, Feral, that I’ve been wasting time following the news recently. How did we get seduced back into the game again…? I appreciate your wake-up call. There are no messiahs running for office. There never have been. There never will be.

    1. Well, the election is over, and we are two weeks into this new presidency here in the U.S. I have been seduced into watching the show, as well, even though I know there are no messiahs coming to save us. Now that the vote has not changed anything for the masses, the masses are taking to the streets, demanding, that they get their way and get to have at least 51% control of the political system. How much energy, talent and resources are use to wrest power from a system that is killing all of us. Democracy is a fool’s bargain. Sorry for the delay in getting back to your post comment. I appreciate your thoughts and comments!

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